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Sportsadvisors GmbH - Mit viel Leidenschaft unterstützten wir Spieler, Trainer und Vereine mit abgestimmten Leistungen, knüpfen Kontakte und bringen Gespräche in Gang die Verhandlungen vorantreiben und Verträge sowie Transfers ermöglichen.
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PRIVATE BANKING. A number of the lending that is personal we provide

PRIVATE BANKING. A number of the lending that is personal we provide

PRIVATE BANKING. A number of the lending that is personal we provide


We offer fund solutions to assist you reach your objectives.

Our customers see lending being a tool that is invaluable help develop their wealth and realise their aspirations. And that’s why our specialists view each financing request on a basis that is individual start thinking about every part regarding the customer’s wide range to make sure we provide them the absolute most suitable financing terms.

A few of the lending that is personal we provide

We place each lending request within the tactile arms of a specialist.

We seek to identify the absolute most suitable solution by considering your general wealth, income, and viability of one’s proposition.

We provide versatile payment choices built around your revenue and asset that is planned.

Rates reflects the proposal that is specific.

We could provide on an interest-only or even an interest and capital foundation.

If safety is necessary, we could look at a wide array of assets.

Clients with large borrowing needs reap the benefits of a specialized contact.

Provider can be acquired to a person with an income that is sole of minimum ?100,000 or ?250,000 or maybe more in cost savings and/or opportunities. Charges and costs will use.

A number of the lending that is personal we provide

Our term loans have now been specifically made to take care of their medium to term that is long. Loans could be interest-only or have interest and capital.

Our purchase to allow loans are made to permit you to buy home to be able to allow it to off to renters. (as much as 10 Properties).

Our Self-Build Loans are superb if you want to create a home that is new renovate your current one. The mortgage is tailored to your project that is specific its period of time, enabling the drawing down of funds as needed through the task.


Our Bridging Loans are created to assist you to buy your new house ahead of time of attempting to sell your current house. Repayment would originate from the purchase profits of one’s current house. These loans can be obtained on a available foundation where agreements haven’t been exchanged because of their purchase or on a shut foundation where contracts have now been exchanged.

Our Guarantor Loan allows you to guarantee a grouped family borrowing. It’s the perfect solution to assist the next generation just just take their initial step on the housing ladder.

Executors will frequently need certainly to spend inheritance taxation costs ahead of the distribution associated with the profits of an property. Our short-term Inheritance Tax Loans allow this obligation become met. The loans and interest are then repaid when the property happens to be settled.

Included in Lloyds Banking team we are able to familiarizes you with our team that is commercial who start thinking about demands of a company nature.

All our customers have one thing in common – their situation is unique“At Lloyds Specialist Lending. They normally united statese us as the off-the-shelf services and products just don’t meet their requirements. They want a loan provider having a wider viewpoint, person who can provide a remedy towards the problem they will have identified and it is in a position to start thinking about their wide range in its entirety.”

Nigel Lanchbury Private Banking Lending Manager

Key documents

Specialist Lending Brochure

Lloyds Bank Private Banking Lending Brochure (PDF) Lloyds Bank Private Banking Lending Brochure

Lloyds Bank Private Banking Customer Fact Sheet (PDF) Lloyds Bank Private Banking Customer Fact Sheet

E mail us for a introduction that is personal

If you’re a preexisting Private Banking customer please contact us on 0345 300 2750.

If not and you’re interested to learn more, please contact all of us with the details below:


Demand a convenient time for us to phone you:

Provider eligibility

Lloyds Bank Private Banking provides two quantities of solution:

Our Private Banking service can be acquired to clients with ?250,000 or higher in cost savings and/or opportunities or a home loan of ?750,000 or maybe more with Lloyds Bank.

And our Mayfair Banking solution is present to consumers with ?2 million or higher in cost savings and/or opportunities or an income that is annual of or even more.

Speak with certainly one of our specialist Bereavement Advisors.

Contact us on: 0800 056 0171

Lines are available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. telephone telephone Calls can be recorded or monitored.

Service eligibility

Our Estate management provider is present where our company is appointed being an Executor beneath the terms of a might, where a preexisting executor does perhaps maybe maybe not feel in a position to work or where there’s absolutely no Will in position.

You don’t have become a current client to make use of our solution. The value that is gross of Estate needs to be over ?80,000. This might consist of money, valuables, assets or home.

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