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Lavalife commemorates 20th anniversary – Leading Personals Assistance Has installed single men and women for Two years!

Lavalife commemorates 20th anniversary – Leading Personals Assistance Has installed single men and women for Two years!

Lavalife commemorates 20th anniversary – Leading Personals Assistance Has installed single men and women for Two years!

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Lavalife does.This season, Lavalife, a respected vendor of goods and services designed for single men and women, honors its 20th anniversary.For 2 full decades, Lavalife possesses introduced the manner in which for singles, as you go along bringing out new technologies and companies that put folks jointly in a changing planet and also have inevitably transformed the yard associated with the internet dating market.

Lavalife, primarily known as Teleclassifieds, got created in 1987 by five small Toronto-based enterprise who was simply tinkering with then-breakthrough IVR modern technology (fun sound answer). Since 1987, the corporate is continuing to grow getting one of the biggest providers of phone-based personals solutions, the #1 online dating service in Canada, a leader in mobile-based personals companies, and a business commander for the world. Lavalife enjoys fix a precedent of adapting rapidly to advanced science, a tradition that goes on right as Lavalife offers unique techniques for single men and women to connect.

A quick timeline detailing twenty years of Lavalife:

1987 Teleclassifieds started with phone-based classified companies that provided personals, pets, furniture and condominiums

1988 Teleclassifieds turns out to be Telepersonals, with only a phone-based personals services enabling single men and women in order to meet and talk via cell

1994 ancient dial-up systems (CompuServe, AOL, Prodigy) will supply Internet connection. The internet starts to come into personal house.

1997 Webpersonals launches, letting single men and women in to the future together using the internet in new steps.

1999 Telepersonals gets bigger during the 1990s from the homes in Toronto area to over 40 spots in united states and Aussie-land.

2001 The Lavalife manufacturer releases across Canada, america and Melbourne.

2004 Lavalife Smartphone debuts, permitting single men and women to expand their particular connection to mobile phones.

2006 Lavalife publication product launches, giving an innovative new type of mag on the net with particular posts only for single men and women.

Lavalife is one of the most identifiable companies in Canada and is particularly well-established over the US and Aussie-land. We posses invested seriously in advancement of the Lavalife brand during the last number of years and now we have acquired a powerful way of life manufacturer that resonates with cosmopolitan, open-minded, youthful single men and women. claimed Marina Glogovac, Lavalifes Ceo. It is definitely incredible observe just how the personals discipline has changed and evolved within the last 2 decades, included Glogovac. whenever we created Teleclassifieds in 1987, we had been the first ever to introduce telephone-based personals. Voice continues to be the most important part of our very own companies, and then we not too long ago transitioned they onto a VoIP-based system, enabling all of us to obtain added vocals associates by way of the website.

Right now we’ve been also the North American cell phone dating leader with six mobile-based discussion and pleasure services and products, which will help continue being a high-growth area for people. With The Help Of Our traditional knowledge of speech, online and mobile phone, we have been well-prepared for its multi-channel consumer market and converging communications networks.

On the web & mobile dating facts

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This page happens to be centered on intently adopting the online dating sites and mobile phone a relationship trends

Lavalife and ICQ declare collaboration Lavalife and ICQ issued the subsequent news release:


-Lavalife personals to achieve regarding signed up global ICQ consumers-

New York, NY and Dulles, VA, December 17, 2003 – Lavalife Inc., an international force in online dating services, nowadays revealed a privileged worldwide partnership with ICQ („we seek out a person“), a world-leading on line marketing and sales communications neighborhood and worldwide program from The country using the internet, Inc.,

Within the settlement, Lavalife ( will get the special supplier of personals contents and marketing throughout the ICQ ( worldwide community, with a lot more than 160 million new users. Lavalife’s capacity to assist singles incorporate dating online shall be displayed across ICQ’s wide range of areas including relatives & close friends, love, light webpages, Research, college students, and life-style, enabling people to realize other online daters in real time through ICQ’s heart texting modern technology. As well, Lavalife would be integrated within ICQ’s chatting technological innovation allow ICQ people to instantaneous content with likeminded single men and women.

„This collaboration happens to be a great all natural step for both agencies not only since the ICQ and Lavalife user-bases are actually close in era, pursuits, and requires, but because our personal corporations both posses equivalent goals to connect individuals a quick,“ explained Paul Gallucci, Chief running specialist of Lavalife. „we have been certain that members of ICQ will incorporate Lavalife’s enjoyable, flirty dating online providers, as the feeling of single men and women connecting could be increased through speedy chatting technology.“

ICQ and Lavalife will start customized localized personals internet sites available by the ICQ globally network. These types of websites will rollout globally beginning in January. Web sites can be designed to your specific requirements of each personal society, while keeping the metropolitan feel of Lavalife.

„it’s good for ICQ and its particular consumer community to mate with a category commander like Lavalife to carry dating services publicize globally,“ mentioned Ed seafood, elder vice-president and head, computer Messaging, The usa on the web, Inc. „all of us look ahead to expanding our personal internet dating neighborhoods to include Lavalife’s top personals information and facilities, combined with the features of time period messaging and existence.“

„Our company is excited to partner with a worldwide power like ICQ,“ mentioned Bruce Croxon, president and President of Lavalife. „additionally, entry to ICQ, which gets 85 million downloading yearly, shifts Lavalife’s international improvement system into higher gear.“

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