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Elle 18 Colors Pops Lipstick Cupid Pink Review

Elle 18 Colors Pops Lipstick Cupid Pink Review

Elle 18 Colors Pops Lipstick Cupid Pink Review

I believe Elle 18 has added a couple of brand new shades for their “Color Pops” lipstick range plus the one which I would personally be reviewing today is the color “Cupid Pink.” Love the true title!! extremely sweet and girly!

Product Description:

absolutely Nothing happens to be mentioned in the lipstick pack. But it’s this that the web site needs to state about these lipsticks: “Now get soft, supple and lips that are luscious Elle 18 colors Pops. Cocoa butter and jojoba oil packed in to a moisturizing core and certain to offer you intense color wet lips.”


INR 120 for 4.3 ml. It is still so inexpensive though it has increased from INR 100 to INR 120.

Shelf Life:


Nothing happens to be mentioned in the pack or perhaps the internet site, aside from the proven fact that this has cocoa butter and jojoba oil.

My knowledge about Elle 18 colors Pops Lipstick – Cupid Pink:

I’ve utilized numerous tones with this range and my favourite one is just a n*de shade that is peachy Bun.” The thing that actually draws me personally to these cuties could be the cost plus the shade selection that is wide. Why don’t we see whether “Cupid Pink” made me personally sad or happy!!

Packaging: it’s pretty normal actually; easy black-colored packaging, using the signature image of your ex about it (a thing that all Elle 18 items have as a common factor). We believe it is quite adorable! The limit snaps closed and is travel friendly that is pretty. But, the colour crayon is really a bit flimsy and keeps going a little when I make an effort to use the lipstick. It could break if too pressure that is much used. The color number and name have already been mentioned at the end regarding the bullet.

Colors: this is certainly highly pigmented! The colour is an attractive rosy shade that is pink instantly brightens the face area with a great pop of color. Into the pipe, it appears a peachy that is bit mild well. Nonetheless, whenever swatched (readily available and lips), it undoubtedly appears rosy red (not peachy, orangey, coral). It really is a rather buildable color. 1-2 swipes would enough make it good for everyday usage, while 3-4 swipes make it appear to be a beneficial bright red that may be worn for events along with other functions also. It settles to a semi-matte finish and may protect any types of pigmentation in the lips. Fortunately, it doesn’t have shimmer on it! Aside from people who have actually dusky skin tones, this color should match all.

Fragrance: The smell! Well, it won’t be said by me disturbs me a lot of, but i will be maybe not too partial to it either. It offers a” that is“bubblegummy which persists through the wear time (although the strength decreases a little). People who have painful and sensitive noses may have a problem that is huge this!

Texture: The texture is actually balmy and smooth. It really isn’t the creamiest lipstick it glides on well and I don’t have to tug and pull during application that I have used, but. We generally don’t really demand a lip balm underneath this, except if the climate a bit unforgiving. Relating to me personally, no lip balm will be needed underneath this if lips are very well exfoliated. The color might settle into the fine lines and accentuate the flakiness of the skin on dry or non-prepped lips.

Stamina: It persists on me personally for around 3-4 hours without dishes in accordance with simply sips of a water or drink. It doesn’t really endure a reapplication and meal becomes a necessity. But, we don’t actually mind reapplying as it is therefore pocket friendly!! Even with the colour wears down, I am able to notice an extremely moderate tint on my lips. It fades evenly, will not bleed, and will not settle into fines lines (except whenever used on dry, chapped lips).

Advantages of Elle 18 colors Pops Lipstick – Cupid Pink:

IMBB Rating:


It really is a gorgeous color and absolutely well well well worth attempting. For INR 120, this can be a product that is good we can’t grumble a whole lot! Additionally, if you’re eyeing such color in a high-end brand name, you might offer this color a try before indulging in an even more costly form of this color!

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