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Credit, loan and finance complaints. The Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Credit, loan and finance complaints. The Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Credit, loan and finance complaints. The Australian Financial Complaints Authority

The Financial that is australian Complaints (AFCA) can think about a problem you’ve got of a credit, finance or loan item you’ve got along with your economic company.

This site describes the sorts of complaints AFCA can give consideration to about credit, loans and finance services and products, and what direction to go next if you want to create an issue to us.

There are lots of things we can’t give consideration to; as an example – if your grievance involves the degree of a fee that is overdrawn rate of interest increase. Nonetheless, we possibly may have the ability to look at a problem in regards to a charge or fee if it is often improperly determined or placed on your bank account. Additionally, there are some specific exclusions that relate to credit complaints.

Detailed information regarding these several types of credit, finance and loan items can be obtained to assist you determine if you wish to whine to us.

Small company?

If you’re a business, there clearly was particular information regarding company credit and loans in the Information for smaller businesses page.


Credit and finance consist of:

  • charge cards, overdrafts and credit lines
  • an organization providing you with credit associated with the sale of products, or even the way to obtain services payment that is that will be deferred for at the least a week
  • short-term finance such as for example payday lending.
  • mortgage loans, including mortgages that are reverse
  • signature loans such as for instance car, holiday loans and debt consolidating loans
  • investment and business loans.
  • We also consider complaints about guarantees.

    Detailed information on these various kinds of credit, finance and loan items is after to assist you decide if you wish to whine to us.

    Your monetary company is necessary to suspend any collection or data recovery action as soon as your grievance was registered with us. In the event that you get any business collection agencies letters or calls from your own economic company, report this to your economic firm’s internal dispute quality group. In the event that you keep getting business collection agencies communication call us.

    You need to make whatever re payments you can easily while your problem has been us. The reason being interest and costs will continue to be usually charged for your requirements even though the issue is available. In a worse position if you do not make repayments, your arrears will increase which is likely to place you.

    Associated information

  • Other areas to get assistance
  • Before a complaint is made by you
  • Results we are able to provide
  • AFCA approaches
  • AFCA Guidelines
  • AFCA Operational Recommendations
  • Problems and issues you can easily whine about

    Extra information about these dilemmas is present that will help you determine if you would like grumble to us.

  • Fees or fees which were improperly used or calculated ( not if for example the only concern is that you think the cost or fee had been way too high).
  • Information you were given and you believe was misleading or incorrect, including fees or costs that you weren’t given about the product or.
  • If you’re in economic can’t and difficulty make repayments.
  • Choices that the economic company has made, including a choice to follow an unpaid financial obligation and whether a determination to provide ended up being made responsibly.
  • They weren’t followed if you gave instructions and.
  • Confidentiality and privacy breaches.
  • Deals that have been wrong or unauthorised, or mistaken re re payments.
  • Additional information about these issues is following that will help you decide if you wish to grumble to us.

    What you should do next

    A complaint can be made by you to AFCA on line, by page, e-mail or by phoning us.

    In the event that you don’t like to whine to us straight, you’ll return to your economic company and get to produce a problem for their interior dispute quality group.

    Your firm that is financial should in a position to offer you information on how to make a problem in their mind.

    We also provide some suggestions offered to help you create a internal complaint.

    Financial trouble

    If you’re experiencing financial trouble, we encourage one to contact your credit provider to talk about a difficulty arrangement. If you should be not able to started to a suitable arrangement, please contact us.

    Types of economic difficulty include where your monetary company has declined or perhaps not taken care of immediately your demand to alter your repayments because of difficulty, you’ve been released a standard notice, or your economic company is continuing appropriate or business collection agencies action you have made a financial difficulty request to them against you after.

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